House, 3 Bedrooms, 1 1/2 Baths, (Sleeps 2-6) rented nightly

Our Policies 

When making a reservation through this website[ www.stayatmoores.com] 

#1.  Contact me direct and I would take the information for the reservation and a small charge of $50.00 a deposit would be deposited to hold the reservation by credit card.. If no advanced notification of cancellations are given then the money would Not be refunded or if a no show situation occurs then NO refund of the $50.00 but  if due to covid restrictions occure and the reservation can not be used then the $50.00 would be returned on a credit card on file when the reservation was made. 

I do ask for forty eight hours notice of any cancellations for over night stays and three days notice for longer lengths of stays.
If forty eight hours notice is given then NO charges are put through on card on file. If no notice is given for the recommended lenght of time- then a small charge of $50.00 per night of reservation will be charged to card on file.

Children traveling with their families are always welcomed.
Children under the age of FIVE can use a crib/playpen, or an air mattress if they want to stay in room with parents.There is also a highchair in kitchen.They are included in the over all price for six guests.Children are counted as a guest staying in the house due to restrictions as to how many people can stay in the house at one time. Upto six guests in total.


If coming in after 6:00 pm. if possible could you let me know and if not then what I do is I leave my portable phone and my phone number in a black plastic mailbox just outside of the kitchen door on the veranda side of the house. You can just call me at this number and I will be right there to let you in and get you settled for the night, I live right next door to the house that is rented so the guests have their own keys to the bedroom door and to the house to come and go as they please once they are checked in.
Also if arriving that late in the day I usually tell guests to grab a bite to eat in a major city like Saint John or Sussex or St. Martins before heading out for the night. The restuarants right out in this area close early in the evenings and doesn't give my guests a chance to get to them and get their food before they close some nights. They do stay open in the months of July and August till 7:30 and 8:00 pm. but  late fall they close early like 7:00pm. You are welcome to bring food in with you to cook for yourselves in this kitchen and barbeque area.

100% Non Smoking inside of house. Outside smoking is allowed.

Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Cash
If arriving after 6:00pm. please let me know by phone or text or email that day.
1 866 696-7911
cell 506 696-7911 text