ABOUT lotus

House, 3 Bedrooms, 1 1/2 Baths, (Sleeps 2-6) rented nightly

About the owner

 May Moore,proprietor, is married with three
grown children plus now four wonderful grandchildren. A self taught artist of over fifty years. She has lived all her life in the same area and wouldn't think of moving. Nature and living by the Bay of Fundy feeds her soul. She has been self employed for over thirty years.
Opened the doors in 1999 to her  new business  which was her family homestead  and renovated it.  Operating and owning the business and gallery for the last twenty four years and meeting all the different guests from all over the world makes it stay fresh and fun. She is  always wondering where the next person coming from.
Being an artist for over fifty years, has been her biggest pleasure and gives her an outlet to express herself and to relax  over the years. May, loves to paint pictures that people can relate to or that means something to a person for some reason of their own. May will do a lot of commission work for people of the area and also have sold countless numbers of paintings across Canada ,overseas and in the United States. Taking great pride in knowing that a little piece of herself is hanging all over the world. Places she may never get to herself.
May's other interests includes: cooking, music, animals, walks on the nearby beaches, watching a good show on TV. and ofcoarse family gatherings.  Every minute  spent with family is a treasure.
Mother always said "if you have something worth sharing , a person should share it with others". She took on this project in memory of her and her father.
Very proud to say that she is from Gardner Creek,  New Brunswick, Canada.


Why the Owner Chose Gardner Creek, NB, Canada 

This property has been in my family for many generations and was left to me in 1998. In 1999 I opened it after renovations were completed and the doors of Moore's Specialties were open to the public.  
 The Bay breezes and sents of the salty air along with amazing views all around the property make for a pleasurable stop to relax and enjoy viewing what we have to offer. Lots of space for children to run around and stretch their legs safely, plus seating while you enjoy your favorite ice cream treat.
Gardner Creek is what some have called a little slice of heaven on earth and I could not agree more!